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About Us

Diatom Mobile is group of 50 mobile specialists (and growing) working as a division of Diatom Enterprises, a Custom Software Development and IT Consulting Company

Diatom Enterprises was founded in 2004 by Information Technology consultants with years of commercial experience in US and Canada.

Since that time our team has grown to 50 full time software developers. We have highly skilled senior software engineers with an excellent academic background and professional know-how. Our staff are motivated, purposeful perfectionists with a sense of responsibility, they are open to challenges and new opportunities.

Diatom Mobile started in 2010. First several projects have been completed in iOS area (for iPhone). Later we started developing applications for iPad (more 3k people are using them). In beginning of 2012 several senior Android developers joined Diatom Mobile and almost all our iPhone and iPad applications have been migrated into the world of Android.

In 2012 we started increasing our Mobile focus using Xamarin. We have developed several applications using Cross Platform Mobile development methodology and Xamarin tools (for example, we created the Mobile app for .NET Rocks podcast show)

Nowadays Diatom Mobile becomes one of the most experienced companies in Baltic with real working projects including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store applications


"I find that Diatom employees are very professional and very hardworking. They are always able to provide a technical solution to any issues that should arise."
Michael Keane "USRES"
"Very Professional"
Fredrik Malmberg "BEGOMA SPEDITION AB"
"We enjoy our relationship with Diatom. They have great expertise in the technology, but more importantly they understand business and how to leverage technology to make business more successful"
Shawn Ostheimer "TAC"


Xamarin allows for reduced development costs by enabling you to share non-UI code across different mobile platforms (applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone), while providing native UI and performance.
The development for iOS is unique in that the well-designed code is hidden beyond the simple functions, which release the programmer from the excessive work. If following the philosophy of Apple Corporation as well as the standard functionality, then it becomes possible to build the complex application during short terms.
AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to augment browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and testing easier


Android and iOS application Liberty Access Technologies
The application is used to manage electric car needs. Liberty Access Technologies allows members to manage when and how much to spend on charging their vehicles.
Android and iOS application CodeMentum
CodeMentum's pioneering approach to traditional product recommendation is a marriage between two fundamental market forces that drive consumer shopping purchases: promotions and recommendations from people you know.
TimeTracker - PhoneGap app for Developers
Diatom Mobile has successfully created a pilot mobile application for our internal Latvian time tracking system. The module application aims to help our developers to simplify their daily tasks by entering time spent during a day for each of the projects they have worked.
Diatom Art
Diatom Mobile welcomes you to enjoy the electronic version of our photo book about Riga titled: "Riga - A New Look at the old city" In this application you will see stunning photographs of Riga taken from very unusual angles.
STORM Watches
Diatom Enterprises launched functional and stylish widget from the trendy English brand watches STORM. Now the style and elegance of hours STORM Watch as an application on your phone.
.NET Rocks mobile app in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store
DiatomEnterprises created the mobile app (iOS and Android platfoms) for .NET Rocks - a podcast streaming application targeted at the professional software developers, IT professionals or anyone interested in technology and programming.
iOS, WinPhone and Android application Trivia Club
Diatom Enterprises created an entertaining and competitive online trivia club game for WinPhone and Android users offering them to answer fun and interesting questions from different areas.
iPhone Golf Application
This application created by Diatom Enterprises’ team enables golf players’ to play their favorite game on a new level with an electronic scorecard compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This allows registered members to view their game scores on-line...

Design Services

Our web-designers have a very wide range of experience in Mobile Application Design Development, making beautiful and interactive mobile apps. We are making design for all platforms: Apple, Android and Windows so you can reach out to your application from any platform, making it very convenient and useful.

Our web-design team always focused on the all aspects of developing design for Mobile application, trying to combine good design with functional and user friendly interface, which will help users make interaction with mobile app more effective and faster.

Also our web-designers creating responsive web-design, which helps users interact with your website more effectively from any mobile browser.

We have design experience in such industries as:

  • Logistic Industry
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Music Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Travel Industry
  • Financial industry
  • Social Industry
  • Sport Industry